Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Your business is in build mode. You need great talent and a better talent acquisition strategy, fast.

More than hiring a contractor or full time recruiter, The Bowdoin Group is the Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner for your business. Our team has a deep technical and scientific understanding of the health and technology ecosystems so we quickly understand the needs of your business and the intricacies of the industry. We passionately pursue building relationships with highly qualified candidates so we can quickly deliver talent for your business.

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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

With talent shortages in healthcare, life sciences and related industries, attracting the most qualified people has become more challenging than ever… more so if your business needs to grow quickly.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO, is the practice of transferring a business’s hiring system to an outside provider. Where executive search focuses on finding the strategy creators, C-level leaders and business leadership, RPO is about strategically partnering in the holistic talent acquisition process and finding candidates to take on the roles that implement your company’s strategy and best represent your brand.

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More than an RPO firm. Talent acquisition partners for your business.

When you work with Bowdoin, you’ll gain more than just an RPO or recruitment solution. You’ll get a partner to help you build your team from the ground up. The key to our success is in the holositic, strategic approach we take.  With Bowdoin, you’ll have access to our senior team of experts who will:

  • Deeply embed themselves in your company values
  • Assess and develop company recommendations for your website and social marketing platforms
  • Create your talent acquisition infrastructure
  • Manage and execute your entire recruiting practice from candidate identification through offer
  • Provide ongoing support and feedback to your leadership team

Our method of Recruitment Process Outsourcing is grounded and often paired with our Executive Search functions, allowing us to provide a unique and holistic approach to talent acquisition strategies.

Building Your Team for a New Product Launch

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Why Bowdoin is Uniquely Positioned to Build Your Team.

Bowdoin has deep expertise building first time commercial launch teams and expanding current teams. We partner with you to create a research driven market approach; identifying and engaging the best candidates, not just the most available candidates. We own the end-to-end process from candidate engagement all the way through offer negotiation. We provide operational and technical excellence throughout the process to help scale your team.
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How Bowdoin Will Build Your Team.

We understand that the candidate experience is paramount in your team build. Bowdoin will dedicate a team of resources to ensure that both hiring managers and candidates have an exceptional experience and help to brand you in the market. We also understand you have tight timelines and will partner with you to build an optimal process to align candidate onboarding with your launch date. We will own end-to-end management of the candidate and manager experience, and will take full ownership of logistical and operational support, ensuring a seamless transition during periods of rapid growth.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions

There are so many aspects to building a great team. Unlike other RPO agencies who jump in at the hiring phase to act as recruiters, Bowdoin joins your leadership team in the early and growth stages to build and fill new roles from the ground up. We are your partner in talent acquisition.

Benefits of RPO

If you don’t have the luxury of developing your dream human resource team that includes talent acquisition, Bowdoin is your partner for talent acquisition. Bowdoin’s RPO solutions offer clear benefits and tangible results in your business and workforce talent.

When you partner with The Bowdoin Group, you’ll get:

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Real industry expertise.

Our diverse search teams come from the businesses we represent: life sciences, digital health, software and technology, FinTech, and venture capital and private equity. We’ve worked on the inside, so we know how to communicate your value to prospective talent and candidates.
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Executive Search solutions.

Having a name in the industry means a lot to candidates. With our track record in executive search, candidates know they can trust us.
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Cost savings.

When you outsource your recruiting to us, you’ll take advantage of the efficiencies we’ve already built within the TA process, rather than having to pay for costly contingency hiring consultants or developing your own HR department.
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Our services are modular and can be adapted to the needs of your growing company.
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Team based approach.

Our talent acquisition process is rooted in functional industry expertise, designed to help address the unique needs of your industry and business with a strong cross functional team.
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Bowdoin RPO vs. Recruiters

Recruiters and contingency recruitment agencies charge a fee-per-recruit for their talent acquisition services. While this might work well for companies that only need a few team members, it’s not a sustainable approach for real growth or many real businesses. 

When you partner with Bowdoin, our flexible HR support provides exactly what you need, and you only pay for the HR resources you need. 

Our holistic approach means that the same team you engage with to design a hiring strategy is the one that will be doing the work to find your business talent.