An Exceptional Experience with Bowdoin

From C-Suite to other critical strategic roles, clients of all sizes rely on The Bowdoin Group to help build strong leadership teams. The customized and personalized attention is what makes clients stay. Hear what our customers have to say.

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“Bowdoin seamlessly integrated with AMAG’s leadership team to help us hire excellent talent for our new [Women’s Health] division.”

Barry Rubenstein
Executive Director, Human Resources
AMAG Pharmaceuticals

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“We work with The Bowdoin Group on jobs that are hard to hire. They are honest—they don’t just accept the job, they make sure we are going to be happy with the end result.”

Kelliann McCabe
Chief People Officer

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“The Bowdoin team spends time here to get to know our people and what we do, and they manage to find excellent candidates for challenging roles.”

Steve Matthews
Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

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“They are really good at what they do. They find people who I never would have found in a million years.”

Tara O’Sullivan
Chief Creative Officer

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“The Bowdoin Group has focused on building relationships with private equity and venture capital firms and strengthening our connections to their portfolio companies over the last 20+ years, and we look forward to connecting our community through these ecosystems.”

Scott Aldsworth
Chief Revenue Officer
The Bowdoin Group

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We Aim to Deliver Excellence

Your journey is unique, so your search should be too. At Bowdoin, the focus is on you. Our goal is to build clients for life, and we invest time and care into the relationship, provide industry expertise, and earn the long-term trust of clients not only because we deliver results, but because we do so transparently, honestly, and with excellence.

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