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If you’re growing your team due to a recent capital raise or an impending commercialization, chances are you don’t have the talent acquisition or HR infrastructure in place to hire numerous positions all at once. At times like these, don’t you want a trusted partner to relieve the burden—someone who has it down to a science? 

Relax, you’re in good hands. The Bowdoin Group’s team of experts will become your strategic project team to handle your team expansion from soup to nuts. We provide the strategic talent acquisition advice, deep candidate network, hands-on hiring and logistics support, and industry expertise to build your commercial team, especially for life sciences companies nearing their clinical trials.

You set the pace for your growth.

Many team expansions have a short timeframe as companies need to scale up at a moment’s notice. As a result, team build-outs require rigorous attention to detail, clear and transparent communication, and diligent and resourceful management to keep everything moving towards your goal. We helped one of our clients hire 165 individuals—an entire division—in just four months, and we’d love to help you grow as well. Talk to an expert today about how you’re thinking through your talent acquisition strategy.

Select Clients

Highlighted Commercial Team Expansions & Company Buildouts

Division Manager
Seattle Genetics

“Great customer service. The Bowdoin Group consultants are very professional and always ensure they are in constant communication with their customer. The service they provided was exceptional. They were extremely responsive and did a great job outsourcing really good candidates in a timely manner.”

In preparation for a launch of a new bladder cancer drug, Seattle Genetics needed to quickly hire key sales force positions in a short time frame. The Bowdoin Group led the rapid commercial expansion for a new division of senior oncology sales people, providing strategic guidance, a nationwide search for quality candidates, and logistical support throughout the hiring process. The result: Completed hiring the majority of their team in three short months, and were brought back to build out a completely new sales team for the anticipated approval of a breast cancer therapy.

Bill Heiden
Chief Executive Officer
AMAG Pharmaceuticals

“Bowdoin seamlessly integrated with AMAG’s leadership team to help us hire excellent talent for our new division. In addition to leading all sourcing and recruiting efforts, Bowdoin provided logistical support for the interview process, which included scheduling, making travel arrangements, and coordinating recruiting events across the country. This allowed our team to solely focus on meeting the best candidates in the talent pool.”

AMAG Pharmaceuticals (NAS: AMAG), a $600M+ biopharmaceutical company, leveraged The Bowdoin Group for the large-scale commercial expansion of its new women’s health division to launch a critical line in their product portfolio.

Bowdoin was selected because of its expertise in the Biopharmaceutical industry and its unique ability to hire both at the executive level and to build out commercial teams. 165 candidates were hired in just four short months.

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