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The financial technologies (FinTech) industry in particular require leaders who are collaborative and forward-thinking, who can leverage vast amounts of data and make the best decisions for their customers, and who thrive on pushing boundaries. We have become the go-to FinTech executive search firm, with decades of experience finding leaders in the space, and as such, we understand the nuances, skill sets, and expertise it takes to succeed.

Poised for exponential growth.

FinTech is hot, particularly for venture capitalists and start-ups. The U.S. set a new record for FinTech funding in 2019, with $59.8 billion in investment compared to $58 billion in 2018. For FinTech, progress is the name of the game. For incumbent industries like financial services, payments and lending, insurance, and regulatory compliance, tech startups are disrupting the old way of doing things to provide these institutions with the means to innovate through sub-segments like InsurTech, RegTech, and PropTech.

Homegrown FinTech startups, funded by VCs, are quickly getting swallowed up by larger companies. High-profile companies realize they don’t have to build financial technology themselves – they can rely on partnerships and mergers to achieve the innovation they need to get to the next level. In light of this, many of our FinTech clients come to us to build their teams after a round of funding or after a merger or acquisition.

Your team is your most powerful asset.

Candidates who have experience in the latest trends, including but not limited to automation, investment services, quantitative research, regulatory affairs, portfolio strategy, and security management, will rise to the top of the candidate pool this year. As a FinTech executive search firm, we staff all functional areas and specialize in building teams – from the C-Suite to full commercialization build-outs.

Jean-Marc Levy
Chief Executive Officer

“The Bowdoin Group was a great partner and advisor to us throughout these searches. I valued the discipline, rigor, and professionalism they brought to every step of the sourcing and recruiting process, as well as the transparency they provided into their progress at every stage.”

ComplySci is an innovative personal trading compliance software used by 1100+ global institutions to identify risk and address compliance challenges. The team there worked with The Bowdoin Group to hire its Chief Revenue Officer and VP of Engineering.

For the CRO position, ComplySci and their CEO, Jean-Marc Levy, they needed to create an integrated sales and marketing strategy, align the team, put a scalable process into place and continue driving growth. We found someone who knew the markets ComplySci was addressing, had been successful scaling businesses to the size they were targeting, but was also excited to come in at an earlier stage and be very hands-on.

Tom Idzal
Managing Director, North America
Style Research

“The team at Bowdoin always is professional, prepared and focused on getting the position filled. That’s what you want in a recruitment partner.”

Style Analytics (formerly known as Style Research) is an independent, global software provider for investment professionals. They enable asset owners, consultant and asset managers to build objective and comprehensive factor analysis on markets, peers and portfolios.

The Bowdoin Group partners with the team to hire several key strategic leaders on their sales and market teams, helping them find a Head of Marketing and Director of Sales.

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