Our Expertise

We are subject matter experts in the industries we serve.

Since our inception in 1994, we’ve become intimately knowledgeable and connected to the four key sectors we specialize in: BioPharma, Digital Health, FinTech, and Software & Technology. These sectors have been heavily fueled by private equity and venture capital—our relationships with these investment firms enable us to drive even greater impact within the four industries in which we specialize.

With dedicated practice leads and delivery teams that understand trends, roles, and skill requirements within each industry, we are uniquely positioned to tap into our resources and connections to find your next leader. Not only can we help you hire your executive team, we also specialize in working with firms that have just received funding, have completed a merger or acquisition, or are preparing for commercialization. Our client base can attest to our results-driven approach regardless of practice focus.

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Life Sciences

Hiring executives in the Life Sciences requires an understanding of everything it takes to get a drug into the hands of consumers, and all the ups and downs that go along with it. Whether you’re looking for a specialized role, like a Chief Medical Officer, or looking to expand your team to prepare for commercialization, leverage our 25 years of experience working in BioPharma to build your team to its full potential. Learn more here.

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Digital Health

Candidates today are inspired by the impact that the Digital Health industry has made on the state of healthcare, and the prospect of improving peoples’ lives has brought some incredible talent to the table. In a market this competitive, it’s important to find a search partner who understands all the ways that organizations are changing their businesses to accommodate this complex environment, and is at the table to help solve their challenges. Let’s work together to fuel your growth—find out more here.

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The worlds of finance and technology have collided and, as a result, we are seeing substantial shifts in the way they operate and staff. Both sides are on the lookout for talent that understands how traditional incumbents operate, yet sees the need for disruptive technologies to move finance into today’s world. Put us to work on your next hire today.

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Software & Technology

These are the companies behind the vast changes that fuel every industry, like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. You want a leader who strives to make life easier and more streamlined through technology, and who wants to upend the “it’s always been done that way” mantra. These people change our world as we know it—and we know how to find them. Get access to your next software leader today.

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Private Equity & Venture Capital

PE and VC companies have tried-and-true formulas for growth, and we are honored to be part of that formula for many investors. We’ve developed these relationships over the years by placing top-tier leaders at investors’ portfolio companies—leaders who have taken it into their own hands to shape and impact the growth and value of these companies. Access a powerful network of leaders that can take your portfolio companies to the next level. Learn more here.

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