SeQure Dx, Inc. is applying state of the art genomics technologies for gene editor target profiling to advance discovery, clinical development, and diagnostic solutions.

Client Opportunity

SeQure Dx, Inc. is applying state-of-the-art genomics technologies for off-target gene editing to advance discovery, clinical and regulatory development, and diagnostic solutions. Their core technologies, GUIDE-seq and ONE-seq, enable the identification of all potential off-target sites before initiating therapy, allowing comprehensive confirmation of actual edits. 

This information provides:

  • Gene editing therapeutics developers.
  • Physicians.
  • Patients with the confidence needed to ensure safe and effective gene therapies. 

They partnered with The Bowdoin Group to help with their CSO hire. This client’s goal was to engage with a candidate with a strong scientific background with a high level of experience leading scientific research in the companion diagnostics space.

The perfect candidate:

  • 10-15+ years of industry experience designing, managing, and leading R&D programs within the high-complexity diagnostics space
  • Collaborative spirit that could present to various stakeholders at a high caliber 

The TBG Process

  • Leverage internal networks within The Bowdoin Group to find top scientific research and development candidates in the Boston area
  • Build out lists of companion diagnostics companies and identify top scientific leaders 
  • Build out lists of gene therapy companies and identify top scientific leaders 
  • Network with industry leaders

  • Services:
    • Executive Search
  • Markets:
    • Biotech
  • Placements:
    • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Employee Count:
    • 10-49
  • Funding Rounds:
    • Series A

Client Result

As a result, the interview team met with three qualified candidates sent by The Bowdoin Group and welcomed their new CSO in September of 2022.