Rentschler Biopharma

Client Opportunity

In 2018, Rentschler Biopharma set its sights on breaking into the U.S. market. After a lengthy evaluation process, Rentschler purchased a facility from a subsidiary of Shire in late 2018 in Milford, MA. 

After Rentschler acquired their first U.S.-based facility, it had the immediate goal of understanding the current landscape of the people and process while also looking forward to the planned expansion and growth. Rentschler engaged Bowdoin to help with an audit of their people and process, employer and talent branding, talent acquisition tools and technology, and direct recruitment of critical hires. This partnership has evolved to continue as Rentschler has more plans for expanding its U.S. footprint. 

The TBG Process

  • Bowdoin met with Rentschler’s new site head to talk through a project around current employee evaluations
  • Bowdoin conducted a deep analysis of the current team and process through stakeholder interviews
  • Bowdoin shared the findings with the executive team, which resulted in the next evolution of the partnership of implementing our recommendations
  • Bowdoin standardized the hiring process from role approval through candidate onboarding
  • Creating a new website for the U.S. site would take months to complete for the internal Rentschler IT team, time the team did not have. Bowdoin found a solution: a career landing page within LinkedIn to help brand the U.S. site. The site was set up and live within two weeks, helping to generate a large influx of applicants to their many open positions
  • Bowdoin also started additional talent branding initiatives to help attract talent, such as GlassDoor, Indeed, and local branding opportunities
  • After the initial partnership, Rentschler had planned for even more growth. They had a 5-year plan to expand their plant and needed help creating a budgeted workforce plan to match this planned growth. Bowdoin created a workforce plan, target dates, and compensation banding
  • While all of this was happening, Bowdoin’s Executive Search Team was working on multiple roles for Rentschler, including the successful placements of:
    • Senior CMC PM
    • Head of Manufacturing
    • Head of Process Sciences
    • Head of H.R.
    • Head of Supply Chain
    • Head of Business Development
  • Services:
    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Employee Count:
    • 500+

Client Result

Rentschler’s U.S. site head, CEO, and global partners highlighted that Bowdoin exceeded expectations at every stage of the process. Bowdoin was initially engaged for a small project but continued to add value and enhance Rentschler’s growth plans.