Dental Intelligence

Dental Intelligence helps dental teams manage their work and provides insight into how dental practices can grow faster.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Client Opportunity

The Bowdoin Group was thrilled to continue their partnership with Providence Strategic Growth in supporting their portfolio company Dental Intelligence. PSG and Dental Intelligence are pursuing aggressive market expansion providing an excellent opportunity for a leader to grow an expanding customer success organization.

The perfect candidate:

  • An experienced customer success leader with strong experience delivering a one-to-many offering to small and medium-sized businesses
  • Ability to critically evaluate the current customer success practices within the business, improve tools for customer training, and decrease overall onboarding time

The TBG Process

  • The Bowdoin Team identified a pipeline of customer success leaders with experience serving small and medium-sized businesses
  • We targeted both been-there-done that customer service leaders as well as up-and-coming candidates 
  • We identified a slate of 7 diverse candidates from within healthcare and tangential industries 

  • Services:
    • Executive Search
  • Markets:
    • Digital Health
  • Placements:
    • Chief Customer Officer
  • Employee Count:
    • 100-500
  • Funding Rounds:
    • PSG Backed

Client Result

The Bowdoin Team delivered a diverse slate of 7 candidates that interviewed for the role. The Dental Intelligence and Providence Strategic growth were appreciative of our partnership and ability to run a thorough search process. Our placed candidate was delighted to join a business with an established name in the dental software space as their new Chief Customer Officer.