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Voices of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion from The Bowdoin Team  

Posted by Bowdoin on June 24, 2022
 Authored by: Erik Rocheford, Managing Director

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) are topics discussed in the workplace and can fall flat based on how an organization exhibits the meaning behind these powerful words. We feel it is important to “walk the walk” in this arena. We believe that by keeping DE&I front and center, we will foster a culture that reflects our shared values.  Although we still have a long road to travel and are far from perfect, our team is excited to be taking the journey. 

We have invited a few voices to express how they view the daily practice of DE&I here at The Bowdoin Group. 

Diversity – Cherise Comma: Project Manager on our Client Solutions team. She handles logistics and data organization at a rate I’ve not seen elsewhere in my career.  

As a West Indian woman of color, I believe diversity stems beyond race and gender. It is about having an array of individuals at the table. At the Bowdoin Group, our tables are filled with employees of various perspectives, tenure, and cultural diversity. 

With this table of diverse employees, we can serve as strategic and innovative partners to our clients. I experience this firsthand as Managing Directors, Recruiters, Associates, and Project Managers all have a voice on client calls. We can all use our unique roles and different experiences to provide market intel to influence our clients’ hiring goals. 

I have seen this inclusive team-approach foster a healthy work environment, allowing us to recruit each client with one voice and team. Here at The Bowdoin Group, we do not just “talk the talk,” we walk the walk. If you are interested in diversifying your professional pallet, join us in this conversation of DE&I! 

Equity – Gabrielle Kontra: Senior Associate. She understands research strategy that is beyond her years in the workforce.

The Bowdoin Group is comprised of people with varying experiences, skill sets, interests, and career motivations. The core value at Bowdoin is to ensure and empower each employee to be their best self throughout their career. The resources and opportunities for employees to grow, develop, and succeed are essential. 

Whether through our company’s ERCGs (Employee Resource and Culture Groups), individualized career development plans, mentor/mentee programs, or recognition-based incentives, The Bowdoin Group provides the foundation and opportunities for every employee to excel, no matter their role, title, or tenure. 

My time at Bowdoin has taught me what it means to work at a company that values and recognizes every employee.

Inclusion – Le Tran: Associate. Le has hit the ground running and has a presence about him with clients that I wish I had at the same point in my career.

​​When considering inclusion, I think about my identity being valued and celebrated —celebrating differences that make us unique fosters a positive, productive work culture. At Bowdoin, I came in as an Associate, and my opinions, thoughts, and voice were encouraged. This took some time to get used to but quickly became something I valued. 

Like everything in life, DE&I work will continue to grow and evolve, leading to better work culture and, in turn, better people.

Importantly we are never “done” with DE&I. It is not something that is ever “finished.” We invite you all to comment on this blog with your perspectives as we value the learnings we can gain from the community outside of The Bowdoin Group.

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