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The Bowdoin Group Joins “Embrace Boston” to Support International Companies Establishing Local Roots

Posted by Lauren Kendall on November 30, 2018
BOSTON, Nov. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Embrace Boston, a consortium of some of Boston’s leading services firms, today commenced operations in support of international companies seeking to establish US operations in the greater Boston area. The consortium is comprised of well-established professional services businesses with deep knowledge of the local community whose members include, The Bowdoin Group (executive search), Capital Advisors Group (corporate cash management and debt finance advisory), T3 Advisors (commercial real estate/tenant rep services), Cohn Reznick (audit, tax and advisory), and Danforth Advisors (financial advisory and operational support). These members represent more than 135 years of combined experience in the city and dozens of international companies served.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the US has experienced rapid growth as a global center of entrepreneurial influence, and the Boston area has been a leader in that growth. In particular, many life sciences and technology companies based in Europe, Israel and Asia are seeking to set up operations in the US, whether to access the professional talent pool, venture finance, the broader US capital markets or to expand commercial activities. These companies increasingly choose the Boston area to locate some or all of their operations to participate in the region’s extraordinary innovation and value creation. Embrace Boston aims to be a primary resource to assist these companies in making their plans a successful reality.

The members of Embrace Boston have individually assisted many overseas companies, and recognized a need for integrated resources to help make the move easier. While many nations provide some local support for companies who are contemplating such a move, it can be a daunting proposition for management to navigate laws, rules, regulations and requirements around visas, taxes, real estate, talent recruitment, banking, finance, currency and many other issues that can come with multi-national operations, especially in the absence of familiarity with the local environment.

Embrace Boston aims to be the one-stop-shop for companies that need experts on these, and many more, issues. The team at Embrace Boston provides a hub of professional and financial services offerings with a network of spokes that can connect these companies to other services firms in the greater Boston area to help them thrive.

The group issued a joint statement around its recent formation:

“Embrace Boston is comprised of core members with deep experience and broad networks in Boston. We understand there is an ever-growing need for international companies moving to Boston to more easily navigate the business landscape in the city. Management at these companies wants to quickly establish their operations and get back to work. Embrace Boston was founded to help companies achieve that goal. Beyond our core group of member services, we can offer access to a myriad of additional service providers that can help these companies meet their goals of quickly and efficiently commencing operations in Boston.”

About Embrace Boston

Embrace Boston is comprised of a group of the city’s leading services firms that have joined together to help international companies establish a Boston-based US presence. We provide a platform of services and a broad network of trusted partners to support international companies seeking to locate and launch their US operations in Greater Boston.

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Media Contact
Stefan Spazek
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“Embrace Boston” refers only to Embrace Boston LLC and its subsidiaries.  Each member of Embrace Boston LLC is a legal entity that is separate and distinct from the other members, and is each solely responsible for their own acts and omissions.

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