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New Appreciation for In-person Meetings

Posted by Erik Rocheford on February 10, 2023

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t” – Bill Nye

In-person connections have never been more critical in the professional world, and the biotech sector is no exception. In this post-pandemic world, we align with John Maraganore, whose recent Timmerman Report piece supported us “returning to work” to lean into the creativity sparked by in-person conversations.

This market, however, has many people looking for work, not posturing for increased remote working time. People are without jobs. Additionally, this market has biotech founders looking for capital to keep the dream alive and continue the fight toward helping patients in need.

  • We encourage all of our clients to meet with candidates face-to-face early in the interview process. Getting a “feel” for someone through a handshake, a chat over coffee, and the ability to take in the potential new employee using all one’s senses makes for a more efficient search process.
  • We speak to countless founding teams who are back on the in-person fundraising roadshow. Long gone are the days of raising a Series A over Zoom from your dining room table. Investors are getting pitched at a record rate and they tell us that the in-person meetings move the needle on trusting a founding team to deliver.
  • We embrace our office culture of “returning to work” as Maraganore supports. Our new office space opens this Spring and we can’t wait to get more of our Associates together in person with our senior leaders to absorb learnings and group energy simply from being in the same room. We also look forward to hosting existing and new clients in this gorgeous new space…more to come there in a future blog.

At The Bowdoin Group, we embrace the office as a central collaboration and innovation point. We are moving into a new space designed to increase both factors and expect to benefit from increased human connection. We look forward to more in-person meetings in 2023 with our clients and the broader biotech ecosystem.