Infographic: The Multiplier Effect of a Great Executive Hire

Posted by The Bowdoin Group on February 4th, 2019

How do you think about the ROI of an Executive Hire?

There’s a big difference between a hire and a great hire—and it shows up in the impact they have. Executive hires are more than filling a gap; they can be transformational for companies.

Curious to understand and see just how big the impact can be? Our latest infographic, The Multiplier Effect of a Great Executive Hire, illustrates four ‘ripple effect’ benefits of hiring a stellar leader and underscores why we take great care in finding the best.

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Jean-Marc Levy
Former Chief Executive Officer

“The Bowdoin Group was a great partner and advisor to us throughout these searches. I valued the discipline, rigor, and professionalism they brought to every step of the sourcing and recruiting process, as well as the transparency they provided into their progress at every stage.”

ComplySci is an innovative personal trading compliance software used by 1100+ global institutions to identify risk and address compliance challenges. The team there worked with The Bowdoin Group to hire its Chief Revenue Officer and VP of Engineering.

For the CRO position, ComplySci and their CEO, Jean-Marc Levy, they needed to create an integrated sales and marketing strategy, align the team, put a scalable process into place and continue driving growth. We found someone who knew the markets ComplySci was addressing, had been successful scaling businesses to the size they were targeting, but was also excited to come in at an earlier stage and be very hands-on.

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