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Press Release Tombstone - Indico
Placements, Press Releases

Indico Adds Key Executives to Guide Exponential Growth

Originally published on  May 10, 2021 – Indico, a provider of intelligent process automation for the intake, understanding, and...

Placements, Press Releases

Health Scholars Announces Scott Johnson as New Chief Executive Officer

Originally published on  June 17, 2021 – We’re proud to announce the appointment of Scott Johnson as the new...

Placements, Press Releases

The Bowdoin Group Places Chief Growth Officer at SchoolCare

Originally published on Hunt Scanlon Media.  May 24, 2021 – The Bowdoin Group has placed Kevin McDonald as chief growth...

Placements, Press Releases

Dina Names Bob Maluso As Chief Growth Officer

Originally published on May 18, 2021 – Dina has named Robert “Bob” Maluso the company’s Chief Growth Officer, overseeing national sales...

Placements, Press Releases

The Bowdoin Group Recruits CFO and Board Member for Genome Medical

Originally published on Hunt Scanlon Media. April 5, 2021 – The Bowdoin Group has placed two key leaders for Genome Medical in...