Our Approach


The Bowdoin Group’s Four Pillars to Successful Hires.

For over two decades, we’ve been honing and perfecting what it takes to hire successfully—whether that means hiring one executive or an entire division. We utilize our Four Pillars to Successful Hires in every search to find excellent candidates in even the shortest timeframes. 

We are dedicated to finding the best candidates for our clients, period. We actively work with our clients to create diverse slates of candidates, partnering closely to understand and achieve your diversity goals—defined in the context of your business goals. Our commitment to diversity can be seen through our results: Approximately two-thirds of the people we have placed over the last 18 months are diverse in gender or ethnicity.

Our comprehensive approach is inclusive of every detail, from understanding the key competencies and skills you require to negotiating the offer—we’ve got you covered. And our strong research mechanism enables us find the right candidates early in the process, and 79% of hired candidates are discovered in the first 30 days of a search.

This doesn’t mean we have a cookie-cutter process—far from it. Every search is customized based on your organization’s needs, keeping in mind your requirements, timelines, and more.

Prevent obstacles from slowing your search. 

Any number of critical paths crop up regularly—some that you may not see coming. We’re here to help ensure obstacles are removed. Issues like ensuring that confidentiality agreements aren’t breached and honoring gender pay equity can delay or even stop your search in its tracks. This is where our 25 years of experience and industry expertise comes in—you’ll know about potential obstacles early to avoid problems later, paving the way for an efficient and successful search and close.

Finding the right executive search partner doesn't have to be hard. We make the process easy.