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Sean Walker Featured in Fast Company’s “7 Soft Skills Recruiters Value During Uncertain Times”

Posted by Lauren Kendall on April 20, 2021
April 20, 2021 The Bowdoin Group’s Sean Walker, a Partner at the firm, has worked with dozens of companies and executive-level candidates, helping both parties to navigate the completely new world of complete remote and virtual hiring processes. He recently shared his thoughts on the nuanced shifts in transferable soft skills due to the pandemic, but the one that stood out to him was intuition or a “6th sense” that executives demonstrate. Find the excerpt from the article published by Fast Company’s Joseph Lui below:

The pandemic has created radical changes in the way we work. Hiring the right employees, who can not only survive but also thrive during these unprecedented times, has become even more critical. While technical and functional skills are still as important as ever, recruiters and hiring managers have also been seeking candidates who have specific transferable soft skills that are especially relevant during this time when the workplace as we know it has undergone such a radical transformation.


The ability to read situations and approach them with sensitivity is now absolutely critical, especially for team leaders, because “customers and colleagues are balancing so many competing demands in their personal and professional lives,” according to Amanda Georgoff, regional vice president of sales at SalesLoft.

With face-to-face contact reduced, executives have to be able to pick up on the nuances of Zoom calls or Slack messages to ascertain employees’ struggles that affect productivity, according to Sean Walker, partner at The Bowdoin Group, an executive search firm.

You can demonstrate emotional intelligence during your interviews by weaving in concrete, personal examples of how you changed your work approach with others based on what you ascertained was happening behind the scenes in their lives.

See the full article published in Fast Company here