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Why We’re Rebranding: A Message from Our Three New Partners

Posted by Bowdoin on May 24, 2022

Authored by: Josh Gottlieb, Paul Manning, and Lindsey Potvin

Spurred by the pandemic, changes we once thought would take decades in health and tech took months, even weeks. 

While these industries have always led the pack when it comes to innovation, growth is now happening at the speed of light, harnessed by companies with lofty goals.

The acceleration in health and tech is both staggering and thrilling. Companies need more than just a recruiter to help fill roles. They need a trusted partner who shares their passion, can tell their story to the market and can help propel their growth.

Setting the pace for change 

When you’re doing this kind of work—connecting innovators with market disruptors—you must be insistent on growth and evolving two steps ahead of the market.

Our brand must reflect that.

As the three newest partners of the organization, we are proud to share exciting news: We’ve rebranded. 

Our new look intentionally resembles that of our clients—modern, sleek, elevated. Our headquarters have moved to Boston, where the health and tech markets converge. Our website now features tons of our clients’ stories and their impact.  

Along with our new look comes a renewed focus on three key areas of the business, which just so happen to reflect our respective domains:

  • Health & Tech Expertise: Josh Gottlieb is the go-to person for all things health and tech. He understands the requirements and nuances of these markets like no other.
  • Executive Search: As a firm, we remain rooted in executive search. Paul Manning has led over 200 executive searches over the last 22 years at Bowdoin. He oversees the delivery of these engagements.
  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): Lindsey Potvin leads our RPO practice, a critical focus area in our growth plan. Bowdoin’s differentiated, professional approach to RPO fills an unmet need in the health and tech markets.

Combining these three areas is exactly what high-growth companies need in a search partner: industry expertise, decades of experience, and hands-on strategic support to build out their talent acquisition function.

Better than before

This rebrand happened during an intense period in the world. It’s a testament to our incredible team that sets the standard for “wow.” It’s a tribute to our clients and their noble causes.

Join us in celebrating this exciting milestone in our journey. Together, let’s continue to drive innovation and enable disruption.

For more information (and because we love it), check out our new website.