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The Bowdoin Group Places Simon Moss as New CEO at Symphony AyasdiAI

Posted by Lauren Kendall on January 23, 2020
NEW YORK – Jan. 20, 2020 – Symphony AyasdiAI announced today that Simon Moss has joined as CEO. Effective immediately, Moss will lead the portfolio company’s next phase of growth in bringing the benefits of unbiased, explainable AI-driven insight to financial services companies to combat financial crime, identify and minimize risk, drive customer transparency, and maximize enterprise liquidity performance.

Moss brings a track record of success in AI and financial services to Symphony AyasdiAI. He joins the company from Infosys Consulting, where he served as global head of research and development and solutions for AI and automation.  Moss previously served in the CEO role for companies including Mantas, Pneuron Corporation, and Avistar Communications. Moss will help Symphony AyasdiAI customers use unbiased AI to drive new, unique business value in combatting financial crime in money laundering, fraud, human trafficking, tax evasion and other financial crime that increasingly exposes the market; driving huge liquidity efficiencies and cash availability; and enabling a true, real and complete understanding of the consumer, customer, and counterparty as a critical foundation to the financial markets competitive and regulatory imperatives.

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Simon Moss, CEO, Symphony AyasdiAI, said: “Symphony AyasdiAI remains at the forefront of innovation using the world’s most advanced, unbiased, and explainable techniques to find risk, opportunity, and whole new classes of value in the data, but until now has been unfindable, or unexplainable. The opportunity for Symphony AyasdiAI’s customers is profound, and I look forward to working with our world-class team in advancing this mission.”

Ishan Manaktala, operating partner at SymphonyAI Group, said: “Fraud, money laundering, identity theft, risk, and compliance are among the critical challenges that AI can address, and its value is only just beginning to be understood and leveraged. Simon’s proven abilities in AI and enterprise innovation will serve our customers well. His knowledge of industry pain points will spur further innovation as we continue to anticipate market need.”

Romesh Wadhwani, founder and CEO, SymphonyAI Group, said: “The challenges financial services firms face are growing increasingly complex and expensive to overcome. AI is not merely a nice-to-have but an existential necessity to assist human experts with these challenges. As we continue to build bench strength at Symphony AyasdiAI, Simon’s hiring furthers the company’s forward momentum with strong leadership at the helm.”

About Symphony AyasdiAI

Symphony AyasdiAI, part of the SymphonyAI Group, is the world’s most advanced AI software company for a new generation of high-value solutions. Symphony AyasdiAI helps banks, financial institutions, and other organizations discover new and valuable insights in enterprise data, with unprecedented accuracy, transparency, and speed. Built upon over a decade of research and experience, Symphony AyasdiAI delivers insights and enables organizations to capture growth, avoid risks, and manage inefficiencies. Website:

About SymphonyAI

SymphonyAI Group is the fastest-growing private group of B2B AI companies, backed by a $1 billion commitment to deliver next-generation AI solutions for transforming the enterprise. Since its founding in 2017, SymphonyAI Group has grown rapidly to a group of six companies with a combined revenue run rate approaching $300 million. Over 1,600 talented leaders, data scientists, and other professionals operate the group under the leadership of one of Silicon Valley’s most successful serial entrepreneurs, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani. Website:

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