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Sean Walker Interviewed For Pavestep Podcast, “Working with People”

Posted by Lauren Kendall on April 30, 2020
Originally released on April 30th, 2020.

In this week’s episode, Harrison interviewed Sean Walker from The Bowdoin Group about executive talent in today’s new job market, asking him how company leaders can make executives come work for their organizations, especially in today’s new job market.

In it, you’ll hear from Sean on:

  1. What’s the impact of executive talent on business performance, especially now in an era of #COVID19?
  2. What skills do ‘rockstar’ leaders possess (i.e., what makes a great leader)?
  3. Where can organizations find the ‘rockstar’ leaders? How should they think about the strategy and process?

Connect with Sean Walker at

Listen to the entire episode on their website here or below on Spotify below: