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The Bowdoin Group’s CEO Dave Melville Answers Why “Demand is Rising for Executive Recruiters”

Posted by Lauren Kendall on December 17, 2019
Companies that sill employ old school methods of finding prospects are on the way to becoming obsolete, says Dave Melville, CEO of The Bowdoin Group. Understanding and leveraging the nuances of specific industries is what matters most in finding great leaders and building teams with diverse perspectives.

December 17, 2019 – It’s an all-out war for talent these days, according to recruiters and talent leaders, and that’s making demand for executive search firms stronger than ever. But recruiting agencies must evolve to compete. The Bowdoin Group founder and CEO Dave Melville believes search firms must revise their approach or go the way of the dinosaurs, and he lays out the necessary changes, and predictions, for 2020 and beyond.