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The Bowdoin Group’s Dave Melville to Speak at Boston BioTech Forum on Hiring Trends in BioPharma

Posted by Lauren Kendall on April 19, 2019
BOSTON, Mass., April 19, 2019 – The Bowdoin Group is pleased to partner with and support the Boston Biotech Forum’s next dinner panel event, slated for mid-May, on “Charles River Fever: Is the Kendall Square Address Necessary for Success?

Dave Melville, CEO & Founder of The Bowdoin Group, will join the panel moderated by Bruce Ledoux, Executive Director, JP Morgan Securities, featuring fellow panelists Jim Brokerick, CEO, Palleon Pharmaceuticals, Robert Urban, Former/Retired Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and Paula Cloghessy, CHRO, Translate Bio. The group of senior executives will be addressing the pros and cons of Kendall Square vs. the suburbs when it comes to talent acquisition, lease prices, attracting VC dollars, and more.

Initiated in 2011, the Boston Biotech Forum is a regularly scheduled dinner event organized to address pertinent industry topics with expert speakers and panelists from various local biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The Boston Biotech Forum addresses a wide range of topics, such as: operational, strategic, clinical, regulatory, commercial, and bioanalytical, and participants have varied backgrounds, including bioanalytical, clinical, operational, commercial, venture capital and executive, which brings many different perspectives to the table. The format is informal and encourages extensive networking, collaboration, Q&A, and discussion.

Participation in the Boston Biotech Forum is by invitation only, and event participation is limited to maintain an intimate and collaborative setting for presentation and discussion of relevant subjects. If you are interested in attending, you can request your RSVP for this panel discussion by inquiring: To learn more about the Boston Biotech Forum, you can visit their website.

Please reach out to with any other questions.