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The Bowdoin Group’s Dave Melville Featured as Guest on Hunt Scanlon’s “Talent Talks”

Posted by Lauren Kendall on January 28, 2021
January 28, 2021 The Bowdoin Group’s CEO and founder, Dave Melville, was recently featured on an episode of Hunt Scanlon Media’s podcast “Talent Talks,” a podcast covering all the latest recruiting trends. In this episode, Dave discusses diversity and inclusion in executive recruiting and how The Bowdoin Group is working to place diverse leaders.

Some questions Dave addresses include:

  • What diversity and inclusion efforts do you see being taken across the executive search industry? How does diverse leadership benefit organizations?
  • How has Bowdoin Group promoted diverse candidates and leaders into positions that they have placed? How does Bowdoin Group plan to continue diversity and inclusion efforts going forward?
  • Is the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry achieving its diversity goals? Is the industry advanced in promoting diverse leaders?
  • What do you see as the biggest obstacle for DEI efforts going forward?  How can we avoid these obstacles?

To listen to these answers and more, find this episode here and below:

To learn more about the podcast, you can find more about Rob Adams and Hunt Scanlon Media’s podcast series “Talent Talks” on their website.