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Report: Exploring Growth in the Boston BioPharma Ecosystem with T3 Advisors

Posted by Lauren Kendall on November 2, 2018
We’ve partnered with leading Boston-based firms to bring you the latest on what’s happening in Boston’s BioPharma ecosystem and how leaders can navigate this booming market.

For example, did you know…

  • The location and configuration of your labs and offices matters to potential BioPharma candidates?
  • And that a data-driven approach to location analysis can help you make the best decisions?

For the second report in our series, The Bowdoin Group worked with T3 Advisors, a Boston-based real estate services advisor that believes space is the lifeblood of a business – a way to attract and empower employees to enable the science.

The purpose of the report is to empower BioPharma leaders to plan for and execute real estate plans that help them stay ahead of their industry peers and attract and retain key talent.

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