Courtney Sheridan, MBA

Senior Marketing Associate


Courtney Sheridan joined The Bowdoin Group as a Marketing Associate in February of 2022 and was promoted to Senior Marketing Associate in January of 2024. At the firm, she helps execute our marketing strategy and help elevate our firm’s brand presence through creating, curating, and promoting thought leadership, expanding our digital presence, and executing strategic events.

While in school, Courtney began her career in Marketing at the Community College of Rhode Island and was promoted to a full-time role at the college following her graduation in 2019.

Courtney earned her A.A. focused in Business at the Community College of Rhode Island as a student-athlete on the Women’s softball team. After, she continued to the University of Rhode Island to earn her B.S. in Marketing in 2019 as well as her MBA in 2022.

In her free time, she is most likely adventuring with her dog, spending time with family, or at the gym.