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February 27, 2018

VP Sales, CGO and CCO – What’s the Difference and Which Should I Choose?

Originally written on LinkedIn by Sean Walker, Partner at Bowdoin. VP Sales, CGO and CCO – What’s the Difference and Which Should I Choose? Just last week, I was asked this question twice. I get it all the time. The difference between a VP of Sales, CGO and CCO is a mystery for many organizations, so here’s my take on it with 20+ years of experience hiring for these roles in mind.… Read More
February 2, 2018

“Development is the New Equity” – Why More People are Choosing their Careers Over Equity

The allure of equity is undeniable, but recently, we’ve been seeing more and more people choosing career development over equity, regardless of their level within the organization. This surprised us, especially considering the number of hot companies out there that are receiving VC funding. … Read More
January 24, 2018

How to Deal with High-Performing “Bad Actors” in Your Organization

Originally written on LinkedIn by Dave Melville, CEO of Bowdoin. Whenever harassment cases hit the news, we’re all left wondering how we’d handle that situation if it happened within our own companies and hoping we’ve done enough to prevent it from happening in the first place. … Read More
December 7, 2017

7 Tips for Building a Culture of Innovation and Accountability from Heads of HR

HR executives are charged with building and supporting cultures of innovation in an increasingly fast-paced world.  Not only is innovation a nebulous concept, many HR executives explain that it is difficult to build the accountability that enables it to flourish. On Tuesday, November 28th, this challenge was discussed in depth at The Bowdoin Group’s corporate headquarters in Waltham, MA in the second of a series of panels geared towards senior HR executives.  … Read More
November 21, 2017

Everybody Wins with Work from Home Options and Flexible Schedules…Until They Don’t

Originally written on LinkedIn by Dave Melville, CEO of Bowdoin. Last month, I was thrilled to be included in The Boston Globe’s article, Free beer isn’t enough anymore, about the ever-changing landscape of benefits and flexibility. Since this is a hot topic for many of our clients, I wanted to explore the opportunities and challenges of offering flexible schedules even further. … Read More
October 25, 2017

Addressing the Talent Gap: Biggest Takeaways from #BostonFinTechWeek

Originally featured as an article on LinkedIn by Jim Urquhart. First of all, if you missed Boston FinTech Week last month, you should definitely make an effort to go next year. Besides being a platform for great content (all the events throughout were sold out or overcapacity), the week was an excellent foundation for collaboration.… Read More
October 24, 2017

Four Considerations In Balancing Accountability and Flexibility in the Workforce

Originally featured on LinkedIn by Seema Pandya. The Bowdoin Group is an executive search company that specializes in building teams for fast growing companies in the biopharma, digital health, fintech and financial services, and software industries. As Founder and CEO, David Melville has become an expert in helping these companies identify effective hiring and employment strategies.  … Read More
October 17, 2017

The Humbling Lesson I Learned: Hiring the Good vs. the Great

Originally written on LinkedIn by Dave Melville, CEO of Bowdoin. About 7 years ago, I learned a valuable lesson that has since informed and improved every one of our executive searches. At the time, we were working with an emerging biotechnology company to build a 120-person commercial team.… Read More
July 10, 2017

What You Need to Know About Tapping Passive Talent: Engaging the Elusive Candidates Who Aren’t Looking

These days, passive talent has become the cream of the talent crop.  Research shows that compared to active talent, passive talent is: 120% more likely to want to make an impact, 33% more likely to want more challenging work, and 21% less likely to need recognition for their contributions.[i] We can corroborate this from our own experience and the successes we’ve seen attracting passive talent for key client roles.… Read More
June 2, 2017

Cross-Industry Hiring Deeper Dive: What’s Driving the Trend and When it Won’t Work for Your Business

In today’s competitive environment, organizations need to innovate to stay ahead, and introducing new leadership can foster exciting growth opportunities. While there’s certainly something to be said about rising through the ranks, many companies have begun recruiting executives from not only outside of their company, but outside of their industry to bring fresh perspectives and encourage creative thinking.… Read More

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