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October 31, 2018

Boston’s Rising Companies on The Gig Economy: 5 Insights on How It Can Fuel Business Growth

Last week, The Bowdoin Group, in partnership with Marsh & McLennan Agency, hosted “The Future of Work” on October 23rd, the fifth installation of the HR leadership panel series, Building Cultures of Innovation and Accountability.  The event boasted an exciting new location in the heart of Boston’s hot Seaport neighborhood: the offices of Catalant Technologies, a company that helps Fortune 100s access gig and employee talent when they need it. … Read More
October 9, 2018

Should you go CFO or VP of Finance?

Originally written on LinkedIn by Kirk Bukowski (Managing Director) and Paul Manning (Managing Director, Software & Technology) at The Bowdoin Group. Should You Go CFO or VP of Finance? The biggest difference between whether an organization needs a CFO or could stick with a VP of Finance role generally lies in the complexity of the business and where it is on its growth trajectory.… Read More
September 13, 2018

Advice from the FinTech Front Lines

Advice from the FinTech Front Lines On September 10, The Bowdoin Group hosted a panel discussion on “The DNA of Boston FinTech” as part of #BostonFinTechWeek.  100+ executives and senior professionals joined us for the inaugural event for the new DCU FinTech Innovation Center. … Read More
September 4, 2018

The Hottest Topics and Events at Boston’s FinTech Week

Originally written on LinkedIn by Jim Urquhart, Vice President of FinTech at The Bowdoin Group. The 2018 Boston FinTech Week will bring together Boston’s leading innovators across Financial Services and Technology for 35+ events from September 10-14.  Experts will discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in navigating the city’s rapidly changing FinTech landscape.… Read More
August 28, 2018

The CFO and Investor: Keeping an Eye on the Exit

Originally written on LinkedIn by Kirk Bukowski, Vice President at The Bowdoin Group. It’s incredible how the investment ecosystem is booming in both the venture capital and private equity industries. VC firms have invested more capital in U.S. companies in the first half of 2018 than in six of the past ten years.… Read More
August 17, 2018

Three Subtle Signs You Should Be Rounding out Your C-Suite

Originally written on LinkedIn by Dave Melville, Founder and CEO of  The Bowdoin Group. Growing companies consistently grapple with the challenge of when specific C-level executive roles should be added. It’s understandable—there are financial factors, concerns over whether the company will be top heavy, egos to manage, and much more.… Read More
June 21, 2018

HR and Legal Experts Share Their Insights on #MeToo, Pay Equity Issues & More

On June 12th, The Bowdoin Group and Marsh & McLennan hosted the fourth event in their HR leadership panel series, Building Cultures of Innovation and Accountability, at Bowdoin’s office in Waltham, MA. Karen Walker Beecher, COO of The Bowdoin Group, moderated the discussion, which was framed around two timely topics: the #MeToo movement and pay equity.… Read More
April 25, 2018

Commercialization: Timing the Talent Ramp

Originally written for by Dave Melville, CEO and Founder at The Bowdoin Group. Launching a new drug is a pinnacle moment for any pharmaceutical company. In the US, it takes an average of 12 years[i] and $800 million dollars[ii] for a drug to make it into the hands of patients, so the importance of getting the launch right cannot be overstated, especially because organizations only have one shot to make a lasting impression.… Read More
April 18, 2018

What Is the Difference Between Product Management, Product Marketing, Product Development and Program Management?

Co-authored by Paul Manning, VP, Software at The Bowdoin Group, and Sean Walker, Partner at The Bowdoin Group In a recent Pulse post, VP Sales, CGO and CCO – What’s the Difference and Which Should I Choose?, we laid out the differences between three critical sales leader roles.… Read More
April 5, 2018

Words of Wisdom from HR Executives on Creating Culture, Accountability, and Work-Life Balance

The third installation of The Bowdoin Group and Marsh & McLennan’s HR Panel Series, Building Cultures of Innovation and Accountability, took place on March 29th at Bowdoin’s office in Waltham, MA, and featured four inspirational HR innovators from leading companies in the Boston area.  … Read More

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