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We know Life Sciences is a broad category.

The Life Sciences industry is exploding, particularly in the Boston market. In 2019 alone, the BioPharma sector saw $13.9B invested across almost 400 drug developers, and that’s not even including medtech, diagnostics, and genomics spaces. The worlds of technology and traditional pharmaceuticals have been converging for years, but with COVID-19’s impact, diagnostics, genomics, digital therapeutics and precision medicine have accelerated their innovation. With this convergence, in addition to regulatory changes, and the rise of patient-centric business models, the talent pool has been greatly impacted—and to find the best talent, you need to work with experts.

The competition for BioTech and BioPharma talent is fierce, so we are too.

Life Sciences organizations with a long history of success are on the lookout for candidates to drive innovation and expansion, while newcomers to the market need candidates with a startup mentality who will position them for future growth. Regardless, today’s leaders in BioPharma understand just how important it is to stay ahead of the curve.

Successful candidates must demonstrate business savvy, technical acumen, regulatory awareness, and entrepreneurialism regardless of company size. Finding great leaders in this industry is like finding Goldilocks – and that’s our favorite challenge to tackle.

We build teams – from the C-Suite to supporting leadership roles to full commercialization build-outs. The functional areas we service include:

  • C-Suite Leadership
  • Clinical/Scientific
  • Commercial/Sales
  • Finance and GA
  • Marketing and Operations
  • Market Access
  • Medical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Quality Affairs

We also support the BioPharma and Life Sciences community.

The Bowdoin Group has been a proud member and supporter of several organizations committed to giving back and supporting the broader Innovation Economy. Our dedication to giving back to the ecosystem mirrors our commitment to advancing diversity in leadership in the life sciences to grow the industry, add value to the healthcare system, and ultimately improve people’s lives. Organizations like Life Science Cares, a collective effort of the industry to eliminate the impact of poverty on those in the Boston area, matches BioTech and BioPharma companies with nonprofits through volunteering opportunities that we here at Bowdoin take advantage of. Making an impact by supporting these organizations is core to who we are, and we encourage our team to get involved.

Brad Hartman
Chief People Officer

“The Bowdoin team has been a phenomenal, trusted executive search and commercial RPO partner as we worked to build the FerGene organization with high quality and high character team members under extremely fast timelines. We’ve fielded an amazing team and would not have been able to achieve such stellar results without Bowdoin’s commitment to excellence and the thoughtful partnership they brought to our work together. I can’t recommend Bowdoin more highly to any company that wants to build something truly special.”

FerGene, a new gene therapy company dedicated to innovative solutions for urologists and those affected by non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, partnered with The Bowdoin Group to build their entire company after a large Private Equity firm acquired the drug Adstiladrin from Ferring Pharmaceuticals in late 2019.

After the acquisition was completed, they had to build their entire organization without any internal HR infrastructure. In addition to not having an executive team in place, they needed org charts and position competencies created from scratch, and a strategy for hiring 100 employees in 4 months. Bowdoin partnered closely with their CEO and investors to hire the entire C-suite around the CEO, including their CFO, CCO, Chief People Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Head of Medical Affairs, Head of Tech Ops, and SVP & Head of IT. The Bowdoin Group also built out teams for Patient Access, Medical Science Liaison, Sales Leadership, including a VP of Sales.

Director, Marketing
Foundation Medicine

“Bowdoin has done a fantastic job identifying high potential talent that matches the profile I was searching for. After months of working with a different recruiter I had nearly given up hope and Bowdoin turned around the search.”

Foundation Medicine is a pioneer in the BioPharma space, providing “best-in-class products and services that empower the work and research of physicians, researchers, and all those engaged in the fight against cancer around the globe.” The roles needed to grow their business required a close partnership, collaborating to determine the phenotype for the right candidate for the right team.

The Bowdoin Group has partnered with Foundation Medicine multiple times since 2012, first building out their sales team in 2012, then working closely with their Talent Acquisition team to fill dozens of unique sales and technical roles, including Sales, R&D, Data, and Product Development.

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