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Leaders ready to evolve.

The FinTech and Financial Services industries in particular require leaders who are collaborative and forward-thinking, who can leverage vast amounts of data and make the best decisions for their customers, and who thrive on pushing boundaries.  We have decades of experience finding leaders in the space, and as such, we understand the nuances, skill sets, and expertise it takes to succeed.

A solid foundation.

The Financial Services industry has been a cornerstone in Boston, responsible for over $40B in gross product and nearly 200k jobs in the economy, and the growth doesn’t stop there. Our clients in asset management are continually evolving, providing a rich environment to further influence the growth in our ecosystem.

Poised for exponential growth.

FinTech is hot, particularly for venture capitalists and start-ups.  Funding reached over $5B in the first quarter of 2016, which represents a 67% increase over the last year.  For FinTech, progress is the name of the game.

Homegrown FinTech startups, funded by VCs, are quickly getting swallowed up by larger companies.  High-profile companies realize they don’t have to build financial technology themselves – they can rely on partnerships and mergers to achieve the innovation they need to get to the next level.  In light of this, many of our FinTech clients come to us to build their teams after a round of funding or after a merger or acquisition.

Your team is your most powerful asset.

Candidates who have experience in the latest trends, including but not limited to automation, investment services, quantitative research, regulatory affairs, portfolio strategy, and security management, will rise to the top of the candidate pool this year.  We staff all functional areas and specialize in building teams – from the C-Suite to full commercialization build-outs.

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