Since our inception in 1994, we’ve become experts in the four key industries we serve – BioPharma, Digital Health, FinTech and Financial Services, and Software.  Some of these industries are emerging, while others are ramping up quickly.  We are intimately knowledgeable and connected to the ecosystem of these verticals, and are therefore uniquely positioned to tap into our resources and connections to find your next leader.  Our client base can attest to our results-driven approach that spans all industries.

We know BioPharma is a broad category.

The BioPharma industry is exploding, particularly in the Boston market. With 325+ companies and over $2B in funding received in 2016, Boston is leading the country. Merging innovations, regulatory changes, and the rise of patient-centric business models have greatly impacted the talent pool.

We build teams – from the C-Suite to supporting leadership roles to full commercialization build-outs.  The functional areas we service include:

  • Clinical/Scientific
  • Commercial
  • Finance and GA
  • Medical Affairs
  • Marketing and Operations
  • Managed Care

The competition for BioPharma talent is fierce, so we are too.

BioPharma organizations with a long history of success are on the lookout for candidates to drive innovation and expansion, while newcomers to the market need candidates with a startup mentality who will position them for future growth.  Regardless, today’s leaders in BioPharma understand just how important it is to stay ahead of the curve.

Successful candidates must demonstrate business savvy, technical acumen, regulatory awareness, and entrepreneurialism regardless of company size.  Finding great leaders in this industry is like finding Goldilocks – and that’s our favorite challenge to tackle.

We support the BioPharma community.

The Bowdoin Group is a proud member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, which is committed to advancing Massachusetts’ leadership in life sciences to grow the industry, add value to the healthcare system, and improve patient lives. We are also involved with Life Science Cares, which is a collective effort of the industry to eliminate the impact of poverty on those in the Boston area.

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