Naring Health

Client Opportunity

Naring Health’s mission is to empower everyone with access to individualized clinical and molecular data to proactively manage and make informed decisions about their health. The company will make regular health monitoring, early disease detection, and personalized care a reality for every individual, improving lives and transforming healthcare. 

Naring Health contracted The Bowdoin Group to find them a Chief Executive Officer that would work closely with the Board and Executive Team to help the company drive its next evolution as a high-performing, industry leading, multi-omics platform. The CEO would be focused on creating and leading the growth strategy, both organically and through acquisitions, while creating additional world-class disease agnostic diagnostic technology, data, and analytics products. Naring Health was looking for a candidate with the optimal balance of executive leadership skills and the roll-up-the-sleeves operational and commercial willingness. This candidate must make tough decisions with the ultimate goal of meeting and exceeding Naring Health’s revenue and EBITDA targets.

The perfect candidate:

  • Expertise in successfully leading across all functional areas of a company
  • Demonstrated ability to scale a company from $0 to $50 million+ in revenue
  • Past success commercializing a multi-dimensional platform to several channels (including consumers)
  • Ability to create and drive enterprise value for investors and stakeholders that will result in significant valuation at exit

The TBG Process

  • Develop a comprehensive list of all innovative digital health companies focused in diagnostics, consumer solutions, and population health in California
  • From the company list, identify all entrepreneurial, commercially-minded business leaders, including CEOs, CROs, CCOs, and relevant GMs and COOs
  • Use targeted messaging and direct outreach to engage top candidates
  • Develop and leverage a Bowdoin “networking” list for qualified referrals and/or backchannel intelligence on candidates: investors (VC/PE), C-level execs, Founders, etc

  • Services:
    • Executive Search
  • Placements:
    • Chief Executive Officer
  • Employee Count:
    • 1-9
  • Funding Rounds:
    • Seed/Angel round

Client Result

The partnership between The Bowdoin Group and the DiscenDx team was successful. After interviewing three qualified candidates, Naring Health welcomed its new Chief Executive Officer in October 2020.