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Webinar: The Future of Pharma Sales Post-Pandemic—Can You Do More With Less?

Posted by Lauren Kendall on September 4, 2020

As a commercial leader in the BioPharma space, what would you do if you only needed half the number of sales reps to bring your drug to market during (and after) the pandemic?

This and other questions are burning in the minds of many commercial leaders, as we all navigate the turbulence of COVID-19. With Phase III trials imminent or under way at multiple BioPharma companies, many commercial leaders are asking themselves: How will my pharma reps sell to physicians? And what does that mean for the size and makeup of my commercial team? 

Our industry experts will walk you through:

  • Short and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the commercialization process
  • Capitalizing on new virtual engagement models
  • Rethinking salesforce/market access utilization models (looking at both talent and budget)