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The Importance of Mentorship

Posted by Bowdoin on August 2, 2022
 Authored by: Le Tran, Associate

It is hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I joined The Bowdoin Group as a Research Associate. One year ago, I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and now I have the opportunity to mentor an excellent class of new associates. 

During my first few weeks at Bowdoin, I remember feeling a whirlwind of emotions ranging from excitement, anxiousness, overwhelmed, welcomed, and supported. The new hire onboarding occurred virtually, and we were encouraged to schedule 1:1 meetings with everyone at Bowdoin to understand the individual roles and get to know them personally. Those intro calls were a wonderful welcome to my new company and something that solidified my love for the team early on.  

As the Bowdoin Group has grown in the past year, so has the associates’ training program structure. As “seasoned” associates, our role is to lead training based on our expertise in a function or market. For example, I conducted research-focused life science training because of my knowledge from the searches I have worked on and my interests in the health market. Not only is this beneficial for the new associates to learn about their role in these types of searches, but for current associates to continue developing their mentorship skills, which is great for our learning and development. 

At Bowdoin, mentorship relationships are significant to the team’s growth and helping new associates navigate their first corporate job right out of college. My mentor taught me the importance of asking questions and taking the time to learn. I want to provide the same mentorship to the new associates, whether learning to effectively communicate with team members or the best ways to project manage searches. 

I asked the three new associates what stood out about training and/or The Bowdoin Group? 

“Something I’ve enjoyed so far about training is how hands-on it has been. It has put all the pieces together for me regarding my specific role as an associate researcher, and I’m excited to start shadowing searches and being fully integrated into my role at Bowdoin.” – Jiberly Sandoval, Associate

“As a new member of The Bowdoin Group, I have had nothing but positive experiences. Each team member has been welcoming and helpful while challenging us with new information and research activities about the various markets we will be working in. I am so excited to start working on searches with this awesome team!” – Sally Cassidy, Associate

“My onboarding and training process has been defined by the incredibly dedicated, encouraging, and inclusive team here at The Bowdoin Group.” – Joshua Seymour, Associate 

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