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Marketing’s Reflections on our New Brand

Posted by Bowdoin on May 31, 2022

Authored by: Lauren Kendall

It’s been a few weeks since the launch of our new brand, and I’ve had a chance to reflect on our rebranding journey. 

I started at The Bowdoin Group in July 2021, joining an organization with an established and trusted brand and clients who love working with the team. 

During conversations with clients, I quickly discovered that the company was “undeniably different” from other executive search firms. I realized that our health and tech industry expertise made us more similar to clients than competitors. And yet, the brand didn’t reflect that. 

Eyes on the Future 

Our brand has undoubtedly served us well to date—just last year, we achieved 70+ percent growth. And the team has already set its sights high for accelerated growth for 2023. 

Our mission for this rebrand was to upgrade our appearance to match the level of growth we continue to achieve and the level of quality our clients expect.

The Logo 

The arrow symbol is the focus of our new look. It represents movement and innovation. It is a reminder that progress is essential and that we must be unyielding in our commitment to growth—for our clients and ourselves.

The white circles that make up the arrow represent our clients: the innovators, change-makers, and revolutionaries. Strategically placed in the middle are three blue circles representing Bowdoin, illustrating our partnership with clients. We are proud to be at the core of our clients’ ecosystems, providing strategic and hands-on support to enable their growth.

The Tagline

Connecting Innovators with Market Disruptors

Expecting a fantastic transaction with your executive search team is and always has been table stakes with Bowdoin. 

While the market hasn’t caught up to that level of service, we continue to blaze a path forward and redefine the experience and results you should expect within executive search and RPO.

Our responsibility to clients is to help them think differently about talent and to find them tremendously capable talent to enable their organizations to grow beyond what they thought possible.

In short, we connect innovators with market disruptors, and now the world knows it.

We must evolve now—two steps ahead of when the market requires it.