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The Bowdoin Group Broadcasts First in LinkedIn Live Series, “The Company You Keep”

Posted by Lauren Kendall on June 11, 2020
June 11, 2020 – The Bowdoin Group, a Boston-based search firm with deep expertise in leadership search and team expansions for companies across the Innovation Economy, announced the launch of a new series on LinkedIn Live called “The Company You Keep,” hosted by CEO and Founder, Dave Melville.

The series will launch this afternoon by highlighting the work of Boston-based nonprofit, Hack.Diversity, the current opportunities to support this organization and their fellows, and by continuing the conversation around DE&I initiatives within the Innovation Economy.

We’re honored to be joined by three powerhouses in the Boston tech ecosystem, including:

In a statement, Dave felt that the phrase “The Company You Keep” was the perfect name for this series for a few reasons. It highlights the importance of:

  1. Networks – As executives, we all know the importance of who you know. We’ll be highlighting the incredible work top leaders in our ecosystem are doing as a way to encourage you, bring you new opportunities, and push you to achieve more.
  2. Longevity – We want to bring focus to the “keep” part of the phrase “the company you keep.” Dave will bring you stories of companies that have grown, prospered, and even those that have fallen and gotten back up again. Real stories told by real CXOs.
  3. Community – Supporting each other and giving back feels more important now than ever, doesn’t it? We’ll be giving $1 for every person who attends to the charity of the guest’s choice.

You can watch the recording of this live broadcast on YouTube below:

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